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Running a business has its share of challenges on a daily basis. Not having the coverage you need when you experience a loss due to an on-the-job accident, property damage or a liability claim shouldn’t be one of them. By getting business insurance quotes on the coverage you need, you’ll be one step closer to protecting your business investment. When you have the right coverage in place, you can focus on your business interests knowing you can weather any storm.

All businesses have risks. You can take the confusion out of gathering information on commercial coverage and business insurance quotes by working with an Imperium Insurance Agent. These agents are not “captives” to one insurance company, but instead work with many different insurance carriers. This means they can assemble a coverage plan that includes the range of policies you need, across the board. Contact a local agent today who will listen to your business needs and put together a quote tailored to you.

Tips for Getting the Best Business Insurance Quotes
  • Determine the type of coverage your company needs based on your risks
  • Get several commercial insurance quotes so you can compare rates
  • Make sure you are comparing the same coverage types, limits and deductibles
  • Pick the business owners policy or combination of coverage that works best for you

It is important to know that an independent agent can do all of these comparisons for you. Because these agents work with multiple companies, they can compare quotes from several insurance carriers for you and assemble the different coverage pieces you need, even if they are not all provided by one insurance company.

What Information Do Agents Need to Get Accurate Business Insurance Quotes?

To get the most accurate quotes, find a reputable source that has your best interests in mind. Whether you start by comparing online business insurance quotes, or start by contacting a local agent, you will ultimately get the most customized plan by working directly with an agent who can help you identify the specific areas of coverage you need.

To get the most accurate quotes, provide complete information to your agent. For example:

  • Describe your business operation in detail
  • List the products and services you supply
  • Indicate the size of your company in terms of employees and revenue
  • Describe the work your employees perform and the risks involved
  • Describe the business property that nee

 Things to Remember When Seeking Business Insurance Quotes

Business insurance is one of the most important requirements for every commercial entreprise, including independent contractors, small businesses and large nationwide companies. Most importantly, the specific combination of coverage types you need is unique to your company and risks. Whether you run a one-man landscaping and snow plowing business, a chain of restaurants or a massive manufacturing plant, there is no other business exactly like yours.

For this reason, your commercial insurance quotes must match your needs without leaving coverage gaps that can expose you to risk. Consider working with an independent agent who can meet every aspect of your business insurance requirements, from general and professional liability to commercial vehicle insurance, business fraud coverage and more.

An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you compare quotes from multiple insurers, and can put together the right business owner policy or coverage package for you. Contact a local agent in your area today to get started comparing business insurance quotes.

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