With Liability coverage, you are protected from other people’s claim for their damage or injuries to their properties or self in case you are involved in an accident to the amount of liability in that is in your policy. In most states, it is required that you get liability coverage up to particular minimum limits, and Imperium Insurance Services has specialized in assisting all our clients to meet these requirements.

Liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury claims as a result of an accident caused by you. The liability limits that is in your policy are the highest payment your insurance company will do for property damage and personal injury claims. These payments are usually expressed in three amounts.

Per-person bodily injury limit. The first one is the highest amount that your policy covers for payment of injury caused to another person as a result of the covered accident.

Per-accident bodily injury limit. The second one is the maximum payment that your policy covers for injuries sustained by more than one person as a result of a covered accident. This is usually twice or thrice the per-person bodily injury limit. As higher as the amount, the more insurance your policy can affords.

Property damage limit. The last one is the highest amount your policy covers for all property damaged (this includes vehicles) resulting from a covered accident.

It doesn’t matter how careful you think you are when driving, accidents can still happen. Even ordinary fender benders could lead to huge dollar payment in damage claims. If you don’t have insurance, you will be liable to pay for these damages for both your vehicle and any vehicles or property that you damage. This is why liability insurance coverage is very important. Apart from the fact that the auto liability insurance is mandated by state law, this also places monetary responsibility for damage you caused with your vehicle on your insurance provider.

That’s why Imperium Insurance Services is dedicated to providing all our clients with maximum liability coverage to ensure your protection irrespective of where you drive to. With us, there is no need to sacrifice quality for the price, as a matter of fact, you don’t need to sacrifice anything. We provide you with a local agent to work with you all the way, to ensure are given every discount possible together with the right coverage, so nothing will be left up to chance.

Ask yourself this question, “How much will I be able to pay from my pocket if I get involved in an accident? Minor “fender-benders” accidents are usually covered by minimum insurance as stipulated by law. However, serious accidents, those that involves serious injuries, huge property damage and even fatalities can result in huge cost, and the faulty car owner will be liable for expenses that are not covered by his liability insurance. At Imperium Insurance Services, we suggest you get the best coverage amount that you feel you are comfortable with and you can afford.

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